When my husband asked me to marry him, I knew exactly what I wanted our wedding to look like. I had been dreaming of it for years. I met a friend that knew how to tie dye and she dyed all of the bridesmaid dresses, shoes, and hair accessories. After seeing the process and all of the creativity, I was hooked. I've been tie dyeing with friends ever since.

I've always loved pretty shiny things and when a friend of mine beaded me a necklace and earrings for my birthday, I decided it was another art form that I wanted to learn. My friend taught me the basics, I went to a bead show and the rest is history. I've beaded something everyday since I started. My real passion is making necklaces. It's a very zen experience for me.

Although I am still a novice, I love sharing my wares with friends and people that enjoy color and pretty things.

T's Beadz, Tie Dyes and other handmade crafts

Greetings to my fellow lovers of unique one of a kind pretty things!

Beaded items are handcrafted. Components consist of seed beads, silver plated and pewter findings, glass beads and semi precious stones.

Discounts for multiple orders and free shipping.

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